Portfolio Update (March 2019)


Peer to peer lending

October26.76 EUR-2.39 EUR0.15 EUR6.2%






12489.57 EUR

77.58 GEL

0.01 RUB


634.70 EUR

-11.40 GEL

-1437.23 RUB


111.42 EUR

0.86 GEL

-10.13 RUB





Grupeer1112.32 EUR449.36 EUR8.63 EUR15.8%
BulkEstate100.00 EUR0.00 EUR0.00 EUR0%
PeerBerry456.76 EUR-149.42 EUR4.68 EUR9.4%
Envestio1932.64 EUR808.89 EUR30.48 EUR30.5%
CrowdEstate202.80 EUR0.00 EUR2.80 EUR16.8%

Stock market

TickerQtyAverage CostValueGainDividend
FRA:6PH10000.588 EUR0.501 EUR-20% 


The availability of support took a downturn in the last 2 months. However, everything is still running smoothly and there has been no real reason for us to contact support. Mintos has seen an incredible growth in the last few years.

On the bright side, interest rates are rallying again, so we’ve decided to fine tune our auto invest to include only 11.5% or higher with long-term loans.

GetBucks’ parent company MyBucks has a new CEO, Timothy Nuy. Dave van Niekerk retires as CEO. Shares are being offered as part of a capital increase at a price of 1 EUR per share to minority shareholders.

As a result, the MyBucks (ETR:MBC) stock price fell from 3.56 EUR to 1.02 EUR  on March 25, 2019. It has been known for a while that MyBucks was having financial problems. The total recapitalization so far amounts to 45 million EUR. There are talks to increase the capital further.


Grupeer investors have been complaining about slow deposits in March. However, we’ve never noticed since we were using TransferWise. If you have a TransferWise ‘Borderless Account’, then deposits should now be instantly processed.

Grupeer is still missing the growth it deserves. To accelerate this, Grupeer is actively offering cashback for various loan originators.


We finally have two new projects on Envestio ‘Sawn dimensional timber export to China’  and ‘Aluminium production’.

It is becoming clear that Envestio is offering loans in multiple parts or tiers to its borrowers. The first part or tier always has the highest interest rate, which gradually lowers as more tiers are issued.

Envestio will be integrating auto invest later this spring, it’s currently still in development. This answer came when we asked if e-mails were being sent out in batches. Because it allowed certain investors to grab loans first. We asked to lower the individual cap per investor.


We are still continuing our withdrawal from PeerBerry until longer term loans are offered by more loan originators on the platform. Our actual annual return appears to be roughly 2% lower than our expectations. This is because of the short-term nature of the loans.

It does seem that money is being reinvested faster by the auto invest.

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