Portfolio Update (April 2019)


Peer to peer lending

October24.51 EUR-2.39 EUR0.14 EUR6.2%





13239.09 EUR

0.10 GEL


634.70 EUR

-76.26 GEL


148.99 EUR

-1.22 GEL




Grupeer1125.62 EUR 13.30 EUR14.3%
BulkEstate100.00 EUR 0.00 EUR0%
PeerBerry251.45 EUR-210.33 EUR4.23 EUR11.1%
Envestio2008.97 EUR0.17 EUR76.16 EUR47.3%
CrowdEstate177.80 EUR-25.00 EUR0.00 EUR0%
Crowdestor671.64 EUR671.64 EUR0.00 EUR0%


Crowdestor, a crowdfunding platform for businesses, is a new player in our portfolio. The platform is overall very similar to Envestio, as well as the returns. But it it a little bit more transparent having a public buyback fund. Crowdestor uses a separate entity to hold investor’s investments. This entity has generally no expenses, so in case of a bankruptcy of Crowdestor, your investments are safe.

We’ve deposited 671.64 EUR in April 2019, which we’d still expect to grow to 2000 EUR in the next 6 months.

We’ve invested 460.01 EUR in the ‘Luxury Yacht Rental’ project. I did some research on the SANLORENZO SL62, I found the cheapest used model going for 275,000 USD in France which was a model from 1996. And the project’s model was built in 2006. I found one very similar one going for 700,000 USD built in 2007 in Italy. According to Crowdestor, the boat is valued at 550,000 USD.

Based on yachtlife.com, the boat is most likely to be rented out for 3,500 to 4,000 USD. Assuming the boat depreciates slower at this age, occupancy and maintenance are the only things that could really affect the outcome of the project negatively. (Besides sailing off in the open waters with out money).

Portfolio Update (April 2019) 1

The rest, we’ve invested in the INCH2 project, which is a clothing/fashion brand found in 2015. They have a solid 3 year track record. They’re borrowing 400,000 to 750,000 EUR with a duration of 24 months. Investors can earn around 18% annually.

If you’re looking for a crowdfunding platform with a very attractive company structure and good transparency, register here through my affiliate link. I will publish a detailed review of the platform somewhere in May or June.


We had a significant amount waiting in our account to be invested. We did not see any new projects for nearly 2 weeks. So we decided to withdraw for the time being and invest in Crowdestor. Right after we withdrew our money, 2 projects were published at the same time. Few days later, another cryptocurrency hardware project was published.

While cryptocurrency projects are worthless to most people, the graphics cards can still be sold at a small loss and can be considered collateral worth 50% of the entire amount borrowed. Then there is still the coins mined. While cryptocurrencies are overall considered volatile, the amount of coins mined will always be worth something. In recent news, a new bull run is to be expected in the second half of 2019.

Envestio has a very generous sign-up bonus for investors, do click the link if you want to see our returns including the sign-up bonus. I’ve published our monthly returns in a chart which contains the investor sign-up bonus.


On Mintos, the primary market has grown once again from a low 60000 to an insane 500000 available loans on the primary market. We’re anticipating new financial statement publications next month, this will play an important role in rebalancing our portfolio.

As the loan availability keeps growing, and the interest rates are rising, margins for the loan originators are getting smaller. Some loan originators are counting on growth in order to be able to survive or honor the buyback guarantee if this continues.

These loan originators have been offering considerably higher interest rates throughout April:

  • Capital Service
  • ExpressCredit
  • Kredo
  • Lendo
  • Mogo
  • Monego
  • Mozipo Group
  • Sebo


Grupeer is introducing new loan originators on the fly. But hasn’t worked on its promised transparency yet. We’re considering to withdraw from Grupeer to find a more transparent platform or diversify on Mintos in the wake of an increased amount of peer to peer lending companies starting to close for various different reasons in the United Kingdom.

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