Medieval cathedral: Notre-Dame de Paris

Notre-Dame de Paris means ‘Our lade of Paris’. It’s not simply a church, but a cathedral. The cathedral is accessible by subway. But make sure to plan well the subway stops to get there. You can use a mobile app for it if necessary, although there should be paper maps available in nearly every subway station.

We managed to arrive at the wrong subway station ‘Notre-Dame des-Champs’. But we only discovered this when it was too late, when we were above ground. You should travel to either ‘St Michel‘ or ‘St Michel Notre-Dame‘. And trust us, the walk is really painful. Specially if you’ve been walking a lot in the past few days already! Also, when we wanted to leave the Notre-Dame de Paris, we discovered that one of the two aforementioned subways is closed temporarily. But just keep walking with the water on your right side across the other side of the river. You should after 5 minutes see another subway station.

When coming off the subway, you’ll cross the bridge. You’ll be able to enter the garden through a small gate. However, note you cannot take bicycles with you. You can circle around the Notre-Dame. The garden is very beautiful and well-kept. However, I believe the front is the most impressive and most well-known.

You can also get a tour and go to the top of the Notre-Dame for a price of 10 EUR. It is free for young adults under 26 years old.

There is also another fun fact you should know about! In 1996, there was a cartoon called ‘The Hunchback of Notre-Dame‘ which is exactly about this cathedral. It was very entertaining. If you have children, have them watch the cartoon before taking them here. It will make their experience even greater, if not unforgettable!

You can get more detailed information here on the official website.

Direct connection by subway or within walkable distance:

At the side of the Notre-Dame, in the garden.
At the side of the Notre-Dame, in the garden.

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