Everything to know about Grupeer in 2019

In relation to the rumors that Grupeer is not accepting Latvian investors, we decided to contact them to verify the story.

Would you be keen on explaining why Latvian citizens are not allowed?

Yes, indeed, starting from June 22, 2017, we have temporarily suspended providing its services to the residents of Latvia, according to Regulator’s recommendation. Due to fact that each investor’s case is considered individually, and we cannot describe each one, It was management’s decision not to mention this fact on our FAQ.

One more reason why we are not showing this information in our FAQ is due to fact, that currently we are working on being able to provide this possibility to Latvian residents. And we hope that in very near future even Latvian residents will have this opportunity without any limitations.  

Let me kindly note, that already on registration stage, we have prevented to let citizens of Latvia to register on our platform, because Latvia is not mentioned in the list of all the countries we are working with. The situation mentioned in Facebook community, was promoted prior it was solved with investor. After having a broad discussion with our legal team, we have decided to put more clarity on our website and therefore we will make changes in our Terms of use as well as in our FAQ. Besides, in that particular situation, we found a one-time solution and after requesting additional information and documents from that investor we allowed him to use our platform.

Will Grupeer publish financial statements or risk rating of loan originators?

No, Grupeer will not publish financial statements of loan originators because according to our agreements with them this information is confidential. However, all the publicly available information can be found in Lursoft database. Yes, we are planning to post their risk rating. But currently we are working on launching other products which have higher priority, therefore it is uncertain when this rating will be available.

Can we have auto investment settings to allow diversification?

A couple of months ago we have already launched new auto-invest features that allow to diversify your portfolio. You just need to create the strategy that fits your requirements and needs.

What are your exciting plans for 2019?

We can assure you that 2019 will bring many new interesting products, improvements and solutions.

Since the launch we are working on the ambitious product- a stability fund, allowing investors to buy a fraction of the income-generating commercial building, which will be available in first half of 2019. The new products and functionalities to become available this year are: payment system, peer to peer investment aggregator, Grupeer white label solution- an opportunity for credit companies and other fin-tech companies to buy tailor-made peer to peer software by Grupeer and, of course we are negotiating new partnerships with loan originators to increase investment opportunities for our clients.

Also, we want to highlight that we are launching a blog soon, which will educate the investing community or aspiring investors about the peer to peer lending market, general economic news and tips. It will be a ‘knowledge hub’ for investors. 


Grupeer is also introducing ‘Kviku’, a Russian loan originator on the platform. Enjoy 1% cashback temporarily if you invest in their loans.

Interested investors can view our portfolio performance here.

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