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Approved finance institution partners. We’ve checked their background for you.

PartnerTypeAverage ReturnEarnDescription & Conditions
CrowdEstateP2P Lending23%
GrupeerP2P Lending14%
LendixP2P Lending~7%20 EURDeposit and invest 500 EUR with interest rates up to 9%.
MintosP2P Lending12-18%1%You will earn 1% on the average balance of the 90 days after the registration date.

Earn returns up to 18% with loans that are secured by a buyback guarantee!

PeerberryP2P Lending12% 
TransferwiseMoney Transfer

Bank Account

500GBP exempt from fees
  • Transfers: Save money on transferring money or converting to foreign currencies! Don’t allow your bank to steal your money when going on vacation! Accepts credit cards!
  • Bank account: You can create a borderless account to save money in multiple currencies. You can get an optional MasterCard to use to get better exchange rates when travelling or paying bills.
ViaInvestP2P Lending12%


AirBnb35 EUR / 40 USDAirBnb is cheaper than a hotel. You may need to book a trip first, but the reward will be more than worth it! In the end you’ll save at least twice.

  1. Sign up using the affiliate link.
  2. Book a trip of 65 EUR or more. Click the link to see the terms.
  3. Retrieve the travel credit.