CED Villa’s Review – El Nido, The Philippines

El Nido is a great place to visit. It has a lot to offer. CED Villa’s are located 5-15 minutes from El Nido, giving you a quiet and peaceful environment to relax. CED Villa’s is owned by Conrado, a former business man. If you’re looking for a great hotel, look no further.

The hotel is currently expanding. The second site is located 1 to 2 minutes drive towards El Nido on the right hand side. There will also be a second site in case you want to bring your own tent.

We will be reviewing the houses on the first site, which can cost 40-50 EUR per night. However, prices may vary depending on whether it is tourist season or not!


The tiny houses are made of wood and have a queen sized bed inside. There is a mosquito net hanging over the bed which will prove quite useful during the night when there are mosquito’s. However, we were never bitten by any.

Bed - CED Villa's
Bed – CED Villa’s

The bath room is made of out of concrete or stone. There is a western toilet inside instead of a local toilet where you have to use the bowl. There is a bidet instead of toilet paper to clean yourself when going to the toilet. I would not suggest to use toilet paper, unless there is a thrash can in the room. If you really want to use toilet paper, I suggest you ask the host or one of the employees. They are all really helpful and will do anything to make you enjoy your stay.

Bath room - CED Villa's
Bath room – CED Villa’s

There is warm water is in the shower coming from an electric boiler!

In the room you will also find air conditioning which you can use when it’s hot. However, you may want to turn off the air conditioning when you leave the house. During our travels, we found that the hosts really appreciate this, and let’s be honest, you don’t leave the air conditioning on when you leave your house.

As for food, you will get breakfast every morning. They will knock on your door when it’s getting close to ready. Then they will provide you with coffee, sugar and milk. As for the breakfast itself, it was mostly rice with bacon, sausages or banana’s. Do check the pictures on¬†Booking.com. We found that they’ll accurately represent your stay.

Breakfast - CED Villa's
Breakfast – CED Villa’s

CED Villa’s also has WiFi available during your stay. The WiFi is very fast. If you bring a laptop, you can leave it safely in your room, but don’t forget to lock the door.

CED Villa’s also has a tricycle, pick-up truck available to transport you to locations you need to go. If you need to quickly go to town these accomodations may be useful. CED Villa’s also has 2 motorcycles available for rent at 500 to 800 PHP per day. We suggest hiring a motorcycle as it will complete your vacation. You’ll be able to enjoy the nature more. Drive responsibly.

Nearby Activities

  • Island Hopping: For 1000 – 2000 PHP per day, you can visit several islands that involve activities. You can book these at CED Villa’s.
  • Nagkalit-kalit Waterfalls:¬†Hiking, use slippers as you’ll walk through water too.
  • Kuyawyaw Falls: Hiking, use slippers, bring spare clothes so you can swim or jump from the top of a waterfall.
  • Taraw Cliff: Closed due to accidents, you’ll have a great view over El Nido.
  • Canopy Walk: Short hike, great view over El Nido Bay.
  • Nacpan Beach: The best beach near El Nido, 30min drive from CED Villa’s. Suggested to us by Conrado and the employees. Entry is paid, but well worth it.
  • Corong Corong Beach: Beach closest to CED Villa’s, free entry.
  • And more!


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