Canopy Walk – El Nido, The Philippines

In case you’re planning to climb the Taraw Cliff, you cannot. The Taraw Cliff has been closed. However, the Canopy Walk is a safe alternative to get a good view on the El Nido bay.

The Canopy Walk is towards the South of El Nido just near the edge of the city. It’s easily accessible by tricycle if you want to be dropped off, or you can park your rented motorcycle on-site.

Canopy Walk entrance
Canopy Walk entrance

We however found the Canopy Walk to be on the expensive side for a only 10-15 minute hike. And at the end you could buy pictures taken by the staff too. However, they do offer to take pictures with your phone.

The beginning is a walk on a wooden platform through a small swamp, after which you start climbing. The first picture opportunity is on the rope bridge, where they will offer to take your phone, and then take a few pictures themselves. You will have a picture with the Taraw Cliff in the background. A tour guide died at the Taraw Cliff trying to save a tourist.

Canopy Walk rope bridge selfie with Taraw Cliff
Canopy Walk rope bridge selfie with Taraw Cliff

Then you will continue the climb on a metal catwalk, after which you arrive on a small platform. This platform has the shape of a circle, meaning you’ll probably have to wait to let some people pass to take pictures. There is nothing available to put your personal items on. Make sure to keep them close as there is no way retrieving them once they fall. Depending on how many tourists there are it could get a little bit crowded.

It is advisable not to wear any slippers for the hiking, as you will be walking on metal catwalks. If they get stuck, you might get into an accident. However, it is completely possible to wear slippers like us.


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